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Grade 2

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In response to school closure we have prepared a few suggestions for keeping your child on track for when they return to us in April.


Reading any and all kinds of books is so important! Please don’t forget to read!

They can write a variety of stories. We are beginning to write narrative stories which include characters, setting, problem and solution.  The possibilities are endless!

Students may also practice their High Frequency spelling words.  Try fun ways to practice spelling words like building words out of Legos, playdoh, toothpicks, using colorful markers, etc.


Zearn is a great way to have your child stay on track. It mirrors the same strategies and standards we teach in class.

Your child would also greatly benefit from simply practicing their addition and subtraction math facts either by using flashcards, writing down facts, or practicing them orally. 


Mystery Science is a website with fun science activities for children. The link is on the webpage. 

Arthub for kids is a fun site with lots of drawing activities.  You can find it on YouTube.

Please follow this link to the OPTIONAL activities


2nd Grade Team